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Do you have questions about dog surfing?  Here are some answers!

I love to go to the beach to play and surfing is a part of that.  When I’m not surfing, I’m playing in the water and running up and down the beach.  When my mommy and daddy are playing in the water, I want to be out there with them.  My brother Ace, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with the water and my daddy would never, ever make him do something that he doesn’t want to do.

When I go surfing, my daddy is always paying attention to me.  If he thinks that we’ve been out there too long or that I’m cold or tired or that I’m simply not having fun anymore, we go to shore.

Dog surfing is all about going out and having fun with your best friend – and that’s what me and my daddy do.

My ears always go back when I’m excited.  If you show me a ball, my ears go back.  If I want to jump up on your lap, my ears go back.  The position of my ears are no indication to whether or not I’m “terrified” as some people have described me.

I make all kinds of different faces while surfing.  I smile, I scrunch up my nose, I sometimes have a focused stare.  Why?  Because surfing is an action sport!  If I’m not focused, I’m going to end up in the drink and I don’t want to do that!

If you live in Southern California, the Helen Woodward Animal Center offers dog surfing classes 5 or 6 times over the summer.  The classes are taught by the So Cal Surf Dogs and I’m always there.  The people with the So Cal Surf Dogs are super nice and it’s a fun day at the beach for everyone.
Well, first of all, make sure your dog loves the water.  Start of really slow by practicing balancing in calm waters or a pool.  If you think your dog would have fun, practice in shallow waters.  If your dog continues to want to play in the water, you might have a dog surFUR on your hands.  If they’re more like my brother Ace, they might want to spend their time on shore being a land shark.